Android RFID Reader Demo

Author: D. Wickstrom
Date: 08 May 2015


This app requires that the USB Host(aka OTG) feature is enabled on your phone/tablet.

I had to root my own tablet to enable OTG.

The user interface consists of a scrollable text area for output from the RFID reader and a single scan "Read" button.

In continuous scan mode the button is disabled.

Scan mode, timing parameters and LED state are set in a preference activity launched from the Settings menu item.

I wrote this app as an educational exercise in the use of various features of the Android platform. It is a work in progress, so check the link for newer versions of the .apk file.


Tags: Android   RFID  


ESP8266-EVB app for Android with stream Video

Author: ignat99
Date: 15 Apr 2015

Stream Video app for Android with menu for switch light by ESP8266-EVB. Also on GitHub OS code for RPi Video Server and ESP-HTTPD with POST api and scan of local WiFi network.


Tags: Android   ESP8266-EVB   ESP-HTTPD   Java   POST  


Pinguino Control

Author: Roberto Becerra
Date: 17 Sep 2013

Pinguino Control is an Android Application that controls an Olimex Pinguino PIC32 OTG board in real time, offering the possibility to act on every input and output available of this platform. The user can set Ports/Pins to input or outputs, plus setting their logic state. This App also offers control over the Analog Outputs (PWM) and monitoring of all Analog Inputs implemented on the board. Feedback is also provided, so the user can see what is happening in the board, regardless if it was caused by interaction with the App or directly on the hardware.


Tags: PIC32   pinguino   Olimex   Android   OTG   App   Application   Control